Training & Peer Counseling

Creating the capacity for a better tomorrow

Ghana lacks a specialized oncology training program, which means nursing students do not have access to basic breast care knowledge. The country also has a shortage of counselors to provide emotional support and connection for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients.

BCI America provides nurses across Ghana with breast cancer training to equip them and their health institutions with the best possible information to educate members of their communities on the importance of early detection, how to self-examine, early signs of breast cancer, and how and when to refer suspected cases to the appropriate health institutions.

Central to our training programs is ensuring that supportive care is readily available to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients who must begin to negotiate a complicated maze of tests, appointments, treatments, and other services while they are still coping with the shock of a cancer diagnosis. We invest in a peer counseling program by activating our breast cancer survivors and equipping them with the skills and tools to guide patients through the decision-making process, connect them with local resources and provide emotional support towards achieving quality health.

Join us in expanding the capacity for breast cancer awareness, detection and emotional support throughout Ghana.